What is Rolling Contact bearing ?

Intoduction of rolling contact bearing :

Bearing is an interesting topic to know how it works and perform workdone over it. In rolling contact bearings, the contact between the bearing surfaces is rolling instead of sliding as in sliding contact bearings. We have already discussed that the ordinary sliding bearing starts from rest with practically metal-to-metal contact and has a high coefficient of friction. It is an outstanding advantage of a rolling contact bearing over a sliding bearing that it has a low starting friction. Due to this low friction offered by rolling contact bearings, these are called anti-friction bearings. As shown in figure given below :

Figure : 1. Rolling Contact Bearing
Advantages and Disadvantages of Rolling Contact Bearings Over Sliding Contact Bearings :

The following are some advantages and disadvantages of rolling contact bearings over sliding contact bearings.

Advantages :
1. Low starting and running friction except at very high speeds.
2. Ability to withstand momentary shock loads.
3. Accuracy of shaft alignment.
4. Low cost of maintenance, as no lubrication is required while in service.
5. Small overall dimensions.
6. Reliability of service.
7. Easy to mount and erect.
8. Cleanliness.

Disadvantages :
1. More noisy at very high speeds.
2. Low resistance to shock loading.
3. More initial cost.
4. Design of bearing housing complicated.

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