The dreamy girl I met on the way.

In recent days, when I am coming back from Chennai to kerala, i travelled in bus. After 2,3 stops covered a small girl came and sit near to me. At first we didn’t talked anything , only smiled at each other. Her friends are sitting near to our seat , she is continuously talking to them and she is very smart. Her teachers and group of students including her entered on the bus. So at first sight I thought they may came for a school tour. She and her friends started to eat snacks , then she shared some snacks to me but my health was not at all well and can’t eat anything properly so I denied but smiled at her. Then I asked what’s her name , she replied as “Shwetha Lekshmi” and also I asked to her ” Are you came to Chennai for tour with your classmates and teachers? , She replied as “no , we came here to attend a yoga competition”. Our languages are different , she is a Tamil girl and I am from Kerala. She doesn’t know my language and I only know little bit of Tamil. So we started talking in English. She is studying in 5th STD, but her English language is very good based on her age, then I understood that she is very intelligent too. She introduced me to her friends as “see I got a friend from Kerala”. They all greeted me , and she again started talking to me non-stop. Her friends started mocking her for talking in English. But her sir appreciated her to talk in English. She told that she has more than 100 medals for sports and also more than 20 certificates for her studies. She is the toppest in her class. She is very self confident. And she has the courage that she can fullfill her all dreams.

When she said about herself this much, I felt like to ask what’s her dream? ,but her reply made me to get surprised. Because she wants to become a “Farmer”. Then she said to me her father is a farmer, so she love it this much, and moreover she had met with many incidents which make her to take this decision. She also said to me even if she get a palace too she won’t try for new dreams , she will always stay in this dream only to be a farmer. She is a nature loving girl. Then she started to teach me about the nature’s importance , that is to stay more close to nature then we won’t affect any type of diseases , for that she also given me an example that’s near to her home there is a grandpa who is a big farmer , he is always love to being more close to nature and he didn’t even gone to hospital in his life until his death. It’s the nature which helped him to be more stronger. She also want to be a dedicated farmer like that grandpa.
Then she told about her home, it’s too small, but bigger with happiness, she have two sisters , they are also toppers like her. And she proudly said it’s all because of her parents. But suddenly her voice became little desperate and she said to me within some months her home will be take off by government to build a highway. That moment itself she raised her voice and said “but I will build a big mansion” , then I continued; “where you the little girl will be the Princess , your mom and dad will be the king and queen , your sisters will be also princess like you”. Her face became too bright when I said like that. Then I gave her a chocolate and she became more and more happy.Then at the end she asked me will we meet again?, I said to her when you become a famous farmer the whole India will know you and I will visit to your home. And also I advised her to take, and Phd in agriculture . She noted it for to tell it to her parents and happily said bye to me when her stop came. Finally she told to meet her in future, she will be waiting and she won’t forget me.

           It is really amazing for me to talk with such an amazing dreamy girl. She has a place in my heart. So I wrote about that wonderful girl "Shwetha Lekshmi".

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