Suicide not an option

No not an option for anything if something is gone wrong ,any relationship,result, business or anything else, suicide is not an option .
If you failed in something that means you are trying that’s not a big deal if you failed man!
Suicide is not the last option you have,you have a life that someone is craving for someone really wants to live like you.
Many persons are driven by poverty and you are just giving up because you are failed in something ,atleast you have something to eat today.
Just think about your parents man how they will live after you were gone!!
If you are failed in exams, it means that you are trying, just try harder man come back with full force, come back with fury in your eyes and make that shit happens. Just work on your goals . Make yourself happy and your parents proud.
Just think it in other ways you wanna do suicide. What will you do will jump from a cliff, no man don’t do this. Just tie a rope in your back and then jump(Bungee Jumping) you’ll feel amazing , its just an amazing experience you can get. You will live 10 years in that 10 seconds of jump. You will be happier in your life. All your stress will go in that 10 seconds.
Or you are injecting something like poison, no just inject a needle and donate your blood to the one who need it . Just help the needy. It will make his/her life better and u will be happier.
Instead of sitting alone and thinking about killing yourself . Just go somewhere ( where you have never gone) for 2-3 days. It will give you positivity. and good thoughts to give a sense to work harder in your life .
Just play with children or spent some time old personsby playing with children how to tackle your problem without taking any tension in life and how to enjoy your lifeand if you are spending some time with old persons they will give you the best advice about life through their experiences.
You have too many things to do in your life. just work on yourself.
Just don’t let others words get in your head..just do you want do. just do what makes you happy . do it for yourself and let the whole world watch. Make yourself a priority and always be happy n be kind to yourself.

In the last…. make a promise to yourself you won’t cry for the same thing twice.

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