Politics in Real Alms

Politics is the most important activity of organized life in society. If one tries to argue that on a macro basis life without social or political thought is than one wrong.

Why and in what manner people behave in their economic and political activities, should be systematically studied. That is what the study of politics seeks to do and political behaviour is almost entirely linked to economic and social behaviour and interests and vice-versa.

Nowadays young people often pompously declare: “I am not interested in politics”. To them politics is some disreputable art of manipulating one’s way into positions of state power for personal and party gains. And they don’t look forward to being called a “politician” ever in their working lives. In fact the word has almost gradually become a term of abuse.

As far as the concept of politics is really concerned this is a most naive and dumb notion. Actually we are all politicians. In everything we say or do, we are taking a position that is actually a political position whether we like it or not. For politics concerns everything in life. What and whether you will be educated, what and whether you will get a job, how much money you need to pay your bills and run your life and that of your family, how much money you can or should earn and from it how much you need to and should surrender in taxes to the state etc are all political questions. Should your education and preparation in life be the same as of everybody else or should some people other than you have more or less opportunities than you have? . Even whether what you call your private property is or should be strictly your own or is or should be owned ultimately by the whole of society and the nation and what rights you can or should have to dispose off your property as you like are political questions. In other words one’s level of individual and collective freedom, equality vis-à-vis others, justice, rights and duties are all part of the realm of politics.

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