Miscellaneous Finds from History

Relics of Indian sculpture and painting, ruins of the Buddhist Stupas and monastaries, images of Buddhist and Hindu gods and many manuscripts written in Indian languages and Indian alphabets have been unearthed at various parts of Central Asia, China, Korea, Mongolia, Japan, Tibet, Burma, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Java and Sumatra, etc Angkor Vat in Cambodia and Borobodur in Java testify the spread of Indian culture to these countries.

 A scientific examination of buildings, monuments and works of art, throws much light on the social and religious conditions prevailing in ancient times. The wall paintings of Ajanta and Ellora caves, different statues of Buddha, clay seals and pots of the Indus Valley are but a few examples, which point out the artistic skills of Indians in ancient times and help us in discovering ancient Indian culture. The temples of Deogarh in Jhansi and Bhitargaon near Kanpur throw light on the artistic activities of the Guptas. The excavations at Sarnath have added to our knowledge regarding Buddhism and Ashoka.

 Remnants have been found in India even of the pre-hiostoric age. These remnants have proved that humans existed in India even during the palaeolithic age. Baluchistan, north-west India, Ganga-Yamuna Doab, Madhya- Bharat and south India have yielded remnants of the Iron Age, which help us in tracing the social and economic development of the people at different times in different parts of India.

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