Marxist view of Equality

The Marxist view of equality associates equality, particularly economic equality, with property and class-exploitation. In fact, the link between equality and property has been pointed out by some non-Marxist liberal thinkers as well, like Rousseau and Gans. Gans comments for instance: ‘Societies that have no use for private property, such as nomadic and hunting tribes, find it easy to be egalitarian, but societies that enable individuals to collect such property do not’ .

In Marxian analysis equality is only established with the abolition of classes or a class divided society and that is only fully achievable by the abolition of private property. The Marxian idea is to establish a society where there will be no private property or economic classes and each will have or will be given ‘from each according to his ability to each according to his need’. The job of distribution will be of the state. Lenin and other Marxists attack the positive liberal social democratic notion, that by intervention of the state economic disparities can be removed and the basics for living guaranteed for all, for they believe, without abolishing private property sooner or later economic exploitation and disparities will creep back in due to the power of money of the upper classes.

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