Home Coming

I have walked enough, I have reached my late twenties but wait I don’t feel tired. but now I won’t chase. why?

So yeah, That 4 roomed some-what rectangular horizontal space that I always wanted to escape from for the attainment of my highest ambitions has lately put locks on my soar.

I wanted to flew higher but somewhere round this rectangular space has waved its magic wand and drew me back like I never thought of flying. Lately I started practicing ideals of minimalism not out of curiosity or just a try out but out of genuine inner call.

I realized it was when I actually started appreciating every bit of life forms, every single brick that has remain glued to the wall of this abode till this very enlightenment.
Adoring to flower vases lying solitary on the drawing table, memories hung on wall, feathers (that I used to call buddhi daadi since childhood) swirling around the dusty window, became so common.

Nothing much has changed though yet the vision for this beautiful absolutely serene 4 roomed rectangular place (say it my home) has grew on my soul just for the fact that now I have returned to adore this place.

I have returned to my home now.. yeah…you have heard it right!
Despite Being in home It is now that I have embraced the value of home in true sense.

Well thanks to this ongoing lock-down !

If you feel the same, after walking miles out in this chaotic world. Please do try to return to your Home. It has lot in store to give back to you that you will miss outside in this absolute materialistic world..

If possible do write out to me when you get to experience this change! Till then keep pursuing, keep observing & yes ! Keep spreading hopes.

“Happy Home coming”

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